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Utopian Soviet Buildings


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Место встречи

Teatralnaya metro station (Green Line), Nikolskaya St., 4, at the entrance to Krispy Creme

The «Moscow Through the Engineer’s Eyes» presents the brand new "RETRO FUTURO" project — guided tours with the help of the VR technologies provided by the Arvizio company. These tours will be the first ones to offer you the opportunity to look at the city through the VR glasses. The most prominent utopian projects of the XX century will emerge in front of you on the streets and squares. With our best guides you will discover the Russian capital as it would look like if some of the audacious architectural dreams had come true.
What you will see through the VR glasses:
  • The Palace of the Soviets instead of the Cathedral of the Christ the Saviour. It could have become one of the highest buildings in the world with a 100 m Lenin statue on the top.
  • The eighth Stalinist skyscraper instead of the Zaryadye Park. It was supposed to be the tallest of all the Sisters.

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