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An iconic church. Tour to the St Basil’s Cathedral


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Место встречи

Monument to Minin and Pozharsky

An iconic church. Tour to the St Basil’s Cathedral
The St Basil’s Cathedral is arguably the most famous landmark in Russia. However, if you look closer, it turns out to be full of secrets. Were its architects Russians or Italians? Why are there nine churches in one building?  Who are they dedicated to? Take our tour to explore the Cathedral from the inside to solve all the mysteries!
You will see:
  • Stunning interiors of the Cathedral, ceramic tiles and frescos.
  • One of the most unusual engineering solutions in medieval construction: a flat ceiling in the west gallery.
You will learn:
  • The Cathedral's complicated history.
  • The truth behind the legends tailing the construction of the Cathedral.
  • Many surprising facts about the building materials and technologies of the medieval Moscow.
Languages available: English, Russian
Duration: 1,5 hours
Meeting point: Monument to Minin and Pozharsky

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