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Russian Art Nouveau Architecture


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Russian Art Nouveau Architecture
The style of the early 20th century, known as Art Nouveau in France, Jugendstil in Germany, or Secession in Austria, was a flourishing architectural trend in Russia too. It was often referred to as “modernˮ as it sought balance between new technologies and materials and individualistic original design. It’s a shame Russian Art Nouveau masterpieces are little known abroad, yet they represent important construction solutions and ideas that remain on demand by the contemporary architecture.
You will see:
  • Pertsova House (1907), a picturesque combination of Russian Revival style and Art Nouveau.
  • Ryabushinsky House (1903), a Fyodor Shekhtel's architectural gem, with preserved Art Nouveau unique interiors.
  • Metropol Hotel (1905), an outstanding collaboration of the most notable Russian architects and artists of the time.
  • Moscow Merchants Society Building (1911), an early example of what is called “rationalist Art Nouveauˮ architecture, a harbinger of the Avant-garde.
  • Marpha and Maria Convent (1911), a 20th-century convent founded by the Princess and Saint Elizaveta Feodorovna and famous for its intriguing history.
Languages available: English, Russian.
Duration: 3 hours

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