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Moscow Kremlin Tour. Inside the Kremlin and its Cathedrals


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Moscow Kremlin Tour. Inside the Kremlin and its Cathedrals
The Moscow Kremlin is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. It is an impressive and mysterious fortress set in the heart of the city. Behind its red brick walls, you will discover the oldest square in Moscow surrounded by breathtaking cathedrals where Russian Tsars got married, crowned and buried. You will marvel the sight of once the largest cannon and church bell in the world. Eight hundred years of Russian history will unfold in front of you in one place.
You will see:
  • Kremlin walls and towers.
  • Assumption Cathedral, the main cathedral of Russia.
  • All other Kremlin cathedrals, unique examples of medieval Russian-Italian collaboration.
  • The Tsar Bell, the biggest bell in the world.
  • The Tsar Cannon, the biggest bronze cannon in the world, cast in the 16th century.
  • Great Kremlin Palace, the residence of the Russian Tsars, a magnificent palace of the 19th century.
Languages available: English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian.
Duration: 2 hours

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