Moscow Past and Future. City center walking tour with virtual reality glasses

2 hours
Место сбора:
17, Nikolskaya St.
Moscow Past and Future. City center walking tour with virtual reality glasses

A unique tour with the VR glasses that gives you the opportunity to see the city as it was 100, 200 or even 300 years ago! And as it could have been if some of the most audacious architectural projects had been realized in the Soviet times.
During our tour, we will take a walk around Moscow city centre, see the Kremlin walls and visit the Red Square and the Zaradye Park. With the help of the VR glasses, you will be able to travel to the past to see the fortifications of the Kremlin and of the Kitay-Gorod in all their medieval splendour.
They will come to life as well as the Soviet buildings of the 1920–1950s that were to change the city entirely. These gigantic structures that strike your imagination with their architectural and engineering solutions were much ahead of their time and can compete with contemporary designs.
We are the only one in Moscow who offers such an experience. So, come and see with your own eyes something you have never seen!

You will see:

  • The very centre of Moscow: the Red Square, the Manezhnaya Square and the Alexandrovsky Sad;
  • The Kremlin walls and towers as they were in the XVIIIth century;
  • The Aleviz Moat that vanished 200 years ago;
  • The brand new Zaradye Park and the Eighth Sister – the Soviet skyscraper that was meant to be built on that place under Stalin;
  • The Cathedral of the Christ the Saviour and the Palace of the Soviets that could have risen on that spot in the 1930s;
  • The alternative design of the Lenin’s Mausoleum and much more!


You will learn:

  • What Kremlin is and how it was built;
  • Where the moat that once separated the Kremlin from the Red Square disappeared to;
  • What monumental buildings the Bolsheviks aspired to erect in the heart of the city;
  • How the architecture of the Soviet Avant-garde came to be and why it still serves as a major source of inspiration.

Duration: 2 hours.
Meeting point: Office 2, 17, Nikolskaya St., Plocshad Revolyutsii (the Revolution Square)/ Teatralnaya metro station. The ‘Moscow through the Engineer’s Eyes’ office is on the ground floor of the ‘Slavyansky’ business centre.

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