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Suzdal & Vladimir One Day Tour


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Suzdal & Vladimir One Day Tour
Discover Suzdal and Vladimir, the medieval centres of power and culture which were instrumental in shaping what we call Russia now. Travel with our professional private guide to explore two towns that are gems of its own in the Russian Golden Ring. In Vladimir, you will visit the Assumption Cathedral and marvel the Andrei Rublev's frescoes. Then you will head to Suzdal for a walking tour around the Kremlin where you will see the rampart of a once mighty fortress and beautiful churches with typical onion-shaped domes and golden spires. The itinerary is quite flexible, so if there is something else you want to see, let your guide know!
You will see:
  • The Assumption Cathedral (12th century), once the main cathedral of Russia.
  • The Intercession Cathedral (12th century), a beautiful small church with the unique stone-carved decorations.
  • The Bogolyubsky Palace, the oldest civil building in Russia.
  • The Suzdal Kremlin rampart.
  • Suzdal streets and picturesque viewpoints.
Languages available: English, Russian
Duration: 1 day

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