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The Red October


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Red October

The Red October
Architecture and chocolate with a hundred-year-old reputation! That would be the best slogan for the Einem confectionery (“Red Octoberˮ in the Soviet period). Not only one of the most successful enterprises in the pre-revolutionary Russia and the most famous chocolate brand in the USSR, but also a very fine example of industrial architecture, the “Red Octoberˮ is now reintegrated into the city life as a vibrant art cluster.
You will see:
  • the territory of the former confectionery.
  • the chocolate and caramel workshops.
  • the administrative building and its main staircase.
  • the roof of the chocolate workshop where you can enjoy a spectacular view and take some photos.
You will learn:
  • How young German businessman Theodor von Einem managed to build a “chocolate empireˮ.
  • How his successor, Julius Heuss, became one of the most liberal and progressive industrialists and launched the most effective advertising campaigns.
  • What the key features of the industrial architecture are.
  • What the Monier vaults are and why they became the most optimal construction solution for factory buildings.
  • How and why the confectionery became an art cluster in the post-Soviet time.
Attention! Children under 12 are not allowed on the roof!
Languages available: English, Russian
Duration: 1,5 hours

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