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The Rusakov Workers' Club


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Место встречи

Stromynka street, 6 (Sokolniki metro station), at the doors of the Roman Viktyuk Theatre

The Rusakov Workers' Club
A house shaped like a giant gear-wheel with moving inner walls… Sounds like science fiction? Well, it's not! The Rusakov Workers' Club in Sokolinki, currently the home to Roman Viktyuk Theatre is an emblematic example of Avant-garde. It was commissioned by Municipal Workers Union and was designed in 1929 by Konstantin Melnikov, a prominent Soviet architect. Today it is known all around the world, and Melnikov's idea of transformable spaces is widely used by contemporary architects.
You will see:
  • Stage of the Roman Viktyuk Theatre that now occupies the Club's building.
  • Auditorium with the “moving walls”.
  • Theatre's office premises.
You will learn:
  • What the moving walls are for and how they are set in motion.
  • Why the audience galleries are situated in the special cantilevered sections.
  • What the idea behind the Club's peculiar shape was.
  • What the origins of the Avant-garde architecture were and how to recognize its defining features.

Duration: 1,5 hours

Meeting point: Stromynka street, 6 (Sokolniki metro station), at the doors of the Roman Viktyuk Theatre

Languages available: English, Russian

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