The Utopian Soviet Buildings

2 hours
Место сбора:
The Utopian Soviet Buildings
The Utopian Soviet Buildings
We present the brand new RETRO FUTURO  project — guided tours with the VR technology provided by ArVizio company. These tours will be the first in Moscow to offer you the opportunity to look at the city through the VR glasses. The most prominent utopian buildings of the 20 century will emerge in front of you on the streets and squares. You will discover the Russian capital as it would look like if some of the audacious architectural dreams had come true.
You will see in 3D:
  • Palace of the Soviets instead of the Cathedral of the Christ the Saviour. It could have become one of the highest buildings in the world with a 100 m Lenin statue on the top.
  • Eighth Stalinist skyscraper instead of the Zaryadye Park. It was supposed to be the tallest of all the Sisters.
  • Narkomtiazhprom (the People’s Commissariat of Heavy Industry) building instead of the GUM. How would Red Square look like with three skyscrapers or gigantic staircases going all the way up to the 16th floor?
  • Palace of Labour instead of the Moskva Hotel. Would it be kind of a fantastic beast lying on the square or an ultimate Constructivist manifesto?
  • The alternative Lenin’s Mausoleum, the “Leningradskaya Pravda” buildings and many others.
You will learn:
  • What the origins of the Avant-garde were and what impact it had on the modern architecture;
  • Who designed the first rotating house and how this technology is used today;
  • Why the eighth Sister was never built;
  • How Moscow could have changed according to the most radical urban development plans.​
We plan many walks, so please dress according to the weather forecast!
Languages available: English, Russian
Duration: 2 hours

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